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How to Pull Biker Girl Fashion

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Many girls love that biker fashion and the edge it gives to their style. It’s no wonder girls like that style, because they look dangerous, fierce and above all, it looks good and sexy on every woman. However, you cannot just put on a leather jacket (even though it’s the main part of it) and call it a day. Rather, there are some details to pay attention to, and somewhat change your style; but you don’t necessarily need a bike. So, let’s see what exactly do you need to pull that biker chick fashion.

Jackets and Tops

Let’s start at the top. It goes without saying that a leather jacket is a must when it comes to biker chick fashion. It can be made from real leather, but if that’s too cruel for you, faux leather works as well! Simple black leather jackets have their charm, but to really pull off this look you will need something more fierce. Think zips and buckles all over the jacket that will add that mechanical feel to the whole outfit and make you stand out.

Besides leather jackets, denim ones are also a way to go. They can too be plain and somewhat fitted, but you can add a few of the patches and chains for the final touch.

As far as your shirts are concerned, the safest choice is plain tank tops. Just make sure that they are fitted enough to show off your figure, while their plain look will exude that tough girl attitude. The colors that will be your best friend in this look are grays, black, dark greens and blues, and silver.

Jeans and Trousers

Now that the tops are covered, you can move on to your bottoms. The biker girl fashion simply loves denim, so you shouldn’t be shy to wear all kinds of distressed denim jeans. They go hand in hand with a black tank and strap tops, and throwing a leather jacket on top of that will complete the look.

Additionally, you can even wear leather look trousers, pair them with your leather jacket and you will look like you just hopped off a powerful bike. However, make sure that the leather look trousers are really fitted so that there are no saggy and wrinkled parts.

When it comes to colors, if you want to avoid being dressed all black, you can break up the black jacket and trousers with a colored or plain top.


Biker chick fashion has to have a lot of metal in it because it somewhat needs to resemble the bike itself. This makes it really easy to find the right accessories for your biker look! Silver chains, studs, zips, buckles or even some bike parts can do the trick and complete your look.

If you want something more girly, but still pretty fierce, you can look up some bracelets and necklaces with skull pendants. They will provide a bit of color to your outfit with their colored gems, but still, keep that edge and fierceness with their stainless steel sturdiness.

Another possibility are accessories with crosses on them, such as bracelets, necklaces, and earrings with cross pendants. Not to mention how well a leather bracelet with chains and rivets can elevate your look.

You can even consider getting some ink on your skin, because tattoos will majorly contribute to your biker look. They are not exactly accessories, but if you do love tattoos and you have something to show off, why not get inked and complete your look?

Some other accessories of yours can include bandanas, large silver earrings, studded purses, aviation sunglasses and anything else made of silver and that makes you look great, confident but fierce.

Boots and Heels

No style is complete without a perfect pair of shoes, so choose wisely for your biker girl style. However, if you like wearing heels, you’re in luck, because they are pretty popular in the biker chick world! You can wear cage heels to break up a solid color and still preserve your attitude. Plus, they go amazing with both denim jeans and leather trousers.

On the other hand, if you don’t like heels, then you won’t make a mistake if you decide to put on a pair of Doc Marten boots. They are ideal for this tough look and they come in some many styles and colors today, that you can match them with anything. Additionally, any ankle or calf high boots with some rivets and studs will do you good, and they can protect you if you actually drive a motorcycle.

No style is simple to pull off, but if you know the elements, that won’t be a trouble. So, there you have it, a simple guide to pulling off that biker chick fashion. Think silver, leather, metal and fierce, and you will have no issues with finding just the perfect outfits. Not to mention how no one would like to mess with you.