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Tattoo Etiquette Quick Guide: Do's and Don'ts for Tattoo Customers

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Tattoos have become the biggest trend and there are more and more tattoo artists doing a great job. They all have their styles and techniques, but what do all great tattoo artists have in common? Getting frustrated with people who don’t know the right tattoo etiquette. This happens either because people don’t take seriously some things or because of the lack of information, but there are some tattoo do’s and don’ts that you should follow the next time you make an appointment. So, here are the rules.

Let the Artist Lead on the Design

Most tattoo artists are in fact artists and they want to give you a design that is their own, and not somebody else’s. This isn’t just a preference of theirs, but tattooers have perfected their own certain style and their best execution will be in the style they have perfected. So, the next time you make an appointment, don’t just send them a picture of another artist’s work and say “I want this”. Also, don’t be surprised if they decide not to tattoo you in a style that is not theirs. Simply, start with what you want and let them help you with the design and let them lead. After all, you have picked them to do your tattoo because you liked their style.

Be As Specific As You Need to Be

When telling them what you want, be specific about what you have in mind. Also, artists will love it when you give them a bit of creative freedom, but don’t do it unless you really do want to let them make all creative decisions. So, be as specific as you need to be, no more, no less. Don’t just tell them “you have complete freedom” and then come to the studio and make a bunch of corrections. Also, do tell them if you have any specific desires before they start working on the design. If you’re honest and sure about what you want and you know that they can do it, then the result is having one of the most badass tattoo drawings on your body.

Don’t Bring Too Many People into the Studio

Part of the tattoo shop etiquette is the number of people present during the execution. So, when making an appointment, consider showing up alone at the studio. Most shops are small or limited in space and they simply cannot accommodate your friends. Besides the space limitations, even though your friends might think they are going to have fun at the studio, the won’t. Chances are they will get boring, and if they get too loud they will probably only disturb the artist. And if you do want to bring a friend, limit your party to only one person and make sure you ask the artist if it’s okay your friend comes.

Sit Still!

This tattoo etiquette seems obvious, but you still should remind yourself that you need to sit still while getting a tattoo. After all, there is a needle working on your skin and you don’t want to move and cause trouble. If you do have issues with pain, tell that to your artist and consider using a numbing cream beforehand. Also, if you’re jumpy you’re risking mistakes and you’re generally stressing out the artist who is trying to give their best. So, sit still and be honest about your pain tolerance with your artist so they can plan pauses and give you the best advice. Some of the tattoo do’s and don’ts here include not moving unexpectedly, not talking if you’re getting your ribs tattooed and letting your artist know if you need to move or stretch. Also, tell them if the furniture is uncomfortable or your position so you can adjust those two.

Listen to the Aftercare Tips

When the tattoo is done, there are a few more things when it comes to tattoo etiquette. Listen to the advice about the aftercare that you artist gives you. There are many different procedures for taking care of your tattoo, but mostly you should listen to your artist. Both you and your artist are responsible for the quality of your tattoo, so they should know the best. Do make sure to get precise instructions from your artist, and you can even write them down if they are lengthy. Also, do ask questions during the healing process if something feels or seems wrong to you. Feel free to also do some research about tattoo healing in order to be sure what’s normal, such as scabbing, ink on the bandage and the tattoo looking faded in the first couple of weeks.

Tattoo shop etiquette is pretty much logical and you should be on your best behavior. You want a good tattoo as much as you artists, so make sure to respect their art. And while picking the next design, you can research what tattoos say about you, pick the right design correlating with your artist and make sure to provide the best experience at the shop for both you and your artist. The end result is a great tattoo that you are going to love.