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Skull Pendants and Necklaces

Stainless Steel Skull Necklace

If you love tattoos and you are looking for something to complement your style and outfit in the same manner, look no more! There are dozens of skull necklaces you can choose, but it’s best if you come to us.

At Controse, we love skulls, and our skull jewelry is beautifully different from anything you have seen before. Get a detailed and eye catching skeleton cameo necklace, like the Skull Queen, to add to your Gothic jewelry collection. Or go with the spooky and gorgeous Captivated Souls heart necklaces to give your look a bit a lively death.

And if you’re looking for something to tickle your funny bone, you can go for a funny-looking but gorgeous Love-Struck Red Eye Skeleton Necklace and add some character to your Gothic outfit. What is more, if you’re in love, but still want some Gothic jewelry, you can always go for a heart-shaped stainless steel skull necklace like Heart and Skull “Love You to Death” Necklace; and you can even gift it to your loved one!

With so many looks and styles of stainless steel skull necklaces, you won’t know how to pick just one! Find your favorite before it’s too late.

Skull jewelry will never go out of style and it can give you that edge without losing on your style. Browse through our skull necklaces and you will certainly find what you’re looking for to complement your likings and your outfit! What is more, Controse necklaces make a perfect gift for your best friend or your beloved, so express your love in an old fashioned manner, by giving them jewelry, but do it in your style!