Birthstone Necklace 24K Gold Plated With Crystals


Product Description

Rep your birth month with style with the STELLIA Gold Plated Birthstone Necklace featuring crystals. Made of 24K gold plated stainless steel, the STELLIA Birthstone necklace features a beautiful 24K gold plated steel pendant adorned with a 5.2 mm sparkling birth stone color crystal at its center surrounded by 13 additional pieces of smaller clear crystals, which are available in either white or in an array of birthstone colors—from dark red garnet-colored crystals for you January babies to greenish-blue tanzanite-like crystals for those born during the festive month of December.Necklaces are elegantly packaged in glamorous gift box, making it ideal for gifting for any occasion, whether it’s a gift for Christmas, party, wedding, engagement, anniversaries, graduations, birthdays, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day and so on. 

24K gold plated stainless steel with a 5.2 mm sparkling birth stone color crystal and 13 pieces white smaller clear crystals

Pendant Size: W: 0.35" H: 0.35".

16" - 18" adjustable chain. 


January - Garnet, darker red, symbolizes constancy and loyalty.

February – Amethyst, purple, symbolizes sincerity and peace.

March – Aquamarine, blue, symbolizes courage and health.

April – Crystal, clear, symbolized innocence and love.

May – Emerald, green, symbolized happiness and fertility.

June – Alexandrite, light purple, symbolizes balance and joy.

July – Ruby, red, symbolizes nobility and beauty.

August – Peridot, light green, symbolizes felicity and protection.

September – Sapphire, blue, symbolizes wisdom and calmness

October – Tourmaline, pink, symbolizes balance and endurance

November - Topaz, yellow, symbolizes friendship and strength

December – Zircon, greenish blue, symbolizes wisdom and wealth.