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Birthstone  Jewelry - Birthstone Necklaces and Pendants

Birthstone jewelry is made to reflect your own birthday. In Controse jewelry, we used gemstones that match every month of the year. These gemstones in our birthstone jewelry are imbued with spiritual meaning. These birthstone gemstones date back to the period between around 600 and 400BC. They are mentioned in the Bible in Breastplate of Aaron stories. Those 12 gemstones represented zodiac signs and the tribes of Israel. Today, they carry spiritual and personal meaning and power and are often used in birthstone necklaces. Every single one of birthstone jewelry gemstones has a unique structure, hardness, durability, composition and color. Controse welcomes you to choose the best style of birthstone pendants and then find the one that's for your birth month. 

If you don't know your birthstone, check out our blog What are birthstones for each month of the year? to find out!