Our Mission

Controse — Tattoo Inspired Jewelry, Watches & Accessories

Controse — tattoo inspired jewelry, watches and accessories — echo the expressiveness, beauty and exoticness that have made tattoos such a popular art form over the years. Influenced by designs that are classic examples of tattoos worn by many tattooed individuals around the world — such as skulls, anchors, roses and hearts — Controse pieces both accentuate and celebrate tattoos. Whether youre inked from head to toe or have simply always admired tattoo art and designs, Controse has a large collection of tattoo-inspired necklaces, watches, bracelets, key chains, and many other items that will not only compliment any tattoo collection, but will also give off the same pleasing aesthetics of the beautiful tattoo art form.  

At Controse, we are committed to providing our customers with unique, stylish, and rugged jewelry, watches and accessories at an affordable price. Controse jewelry, watches and accessories are made from 100% grade, 316L surgical, stainless steel—a material that is tougher than gold or silver, which is noncorrosive and nonallergenic.   Our low-impact manufacturing process uses fewer chemicals and less energy to produce stunning, durable products with a raw, edgy yet artful look—much like tattoos. Also, our low-volume packaging is made from recycled materials. 

Whether you’re an avid body art collector or simply enamored by the century-old art form, Controse has a collection of tattoo-themed items for the ink lover within you.