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Shinji Nakaba’s Precious Pearl Skulls

As if being a rock star couldn’t get any more glamorous—check out these awesome pieces by Japanese jewelry designer, Shinji Nakaba. As part of his Vanitas collection, Nakaba takes the “morbid yet beautiful”style a step further to create these awe-inspiring, hand-crafted, mini skulls carved out of genuine pearls. By intricately hand-carving skulls’facial features onto pearls, Nakaba has created these [...]

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10 Controse Must-Have Back To School Accessories

As much as we all want to deny it, the beginning of the school year—and/or fall semester—is quickly approaching. Resistance is futile! We think that if you must go back to school, you might as well matriculate in style. Controse picked out ten awesome accessories from our own product line to keep you guys and gals lookin’chic for your first [...]

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10 Beautifully Badass Tattoos

With the popularity of tattoos growing stronger as the years go by, the standards for tattoos gets kicked up a few notches every passing season. When it comes to the art of tattoo, the ladies have shown that they’re just as awesome, if not more, than the boys both in terms of creating tattoos and in the quality of [...]

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5 Vintage Style Bathing Suits! Must-Have

Summer is here and the temperature is hitting all-time highs. What else are you supposed to do other than hit the shores to cool down and indulge in some beach day fun? However, before you hit the sands, you must make sure that your swimsuit game is up to par. No fear, though, because Controse has put together five [...]

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New Controse Jewelry - cure for a broken heart

What better cure is there for a broken heart than jewelry? This stainless steel necklace is coupled with a charm in the shape of a mending heart. The heart has a hint of red epoxy in between the cracks to add some extra pizzazz to the stainless steel piece.

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Welcome to the new Controse on-line store! When we started Controse, we wanted to make rugged, good looking jewelry for active people, with substantial heft and feel. We wanted to make it unique--to represent strength, freedom, and independence. But we also wanted to make it affordable. We could have executed our massive, bold designs in gold or [...]

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