A Modern Twist on Timeless Elegance: Controse's Cameo Necklaces

Controse Jewelry on Feb 7th 2024

The cameo, with its origins in ancient civilization, has been a symbol of class and beauty throughout history. Its evolution from Greek and Roman times to the courts of European royalty has seen the cameo reinvented in various forms, always maintaining its status as a cherished piece of jewelry. Traditionally carved in relief from materials like onyx or sardonyx, the cameo typically depicted a portrait of a deity or a noble figure.

As we embrace modernity, Controse has taken the classic elegance of the cameo necklace and infused it with a contemporary edge, creating a collection that speaks to both the past and the present. Our signature blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern design results in pieces that are as unique as they are timeless.

The Eternal Lovers Skull Cameo Necklace:  

Symbolizing love that transcends the mortal coil, the Eternal Lovers Skull Cameo is for those who wear their hearts on their sleeves and their eternal devotion around their necks.

$27.95  $22.36   (20% Off With Code: NY20)

The Cat Cameo Necklace: 

Playful yet sophisticated, the Cat Cameo Necklace captures the whimsical side of the cameo tradition, perfect for those with a fondness for feline finesse.

$27.95  $22.36   (20% Off With Code: NY20)

The Cat Silhouette Cameo Necklace:

For the chic cat lover, this necklace is a sleek addition to any ensemble, showcasing the silhouette of a poised cat within the classic cameo frame.

$27.95  $22.36   (20% Off With Code: NY20)

The Rose Portrait Cameo Necklace:

A bloom that never fades, the Rose Portrait Cameo is the epitome of elegance. It's a floral tribute that marries the beauty of nature with the artistry of jewelry design.

$27.95  $22.36   (20% Off With Code: NY20)

The Madonna Skull Cameo Necklace: 

A divine blend of reverence and edge, this necklace captures the spirit of the Day of the Dead with a skeletal Madonna enshrined in stainless steel and radiant yellow epoxy. It's a striking statement piece that marries cultural iconography with modern style

$27.95  $22.36   (20% Off With Code: NY20)

The Resilient Skull Cameo Necklace:

Embodying strength and dark elegance, the Resilient Skull Cameo is a testament to enduring style and individuality.

$27.95  $22.36   (20% Off With Code: NY20)

The Skull Queen Cameo Necklace: 

Reign supreme with the Skull Queen Cameo, a piece that exudes regal charm with a hint of the macabre. The intricate black epoxy inlay contrasts the stainless steel frame, highlighting the queen's skeletal visage.

$27.95  $22.36   (20% Off With Code: NY20)

The Gentleman Skull Cameo Necklace:

Channel the charm of a bygone era with the Gentleman Skull Cameo. The top-hatted skull is a nod to Victorian sophistication, reimagined for the fashion-forward individual with a penchant for the gothic.

$27.95  $22.36   (20% Off With Code: NY20)

The Skull King Cameo Necklace:  

For the rulers of their own domain, the Skull King Cameo is a symbol of power. It's not just an accessory; it's a statement that your presence is as commanding as royalty from eras past.

$27.95  $22.36   (20% Off With Code: NY20)

The Religious Leader Skull Cameo Necklace:  

A piece that intertwines faith with fashion, the Religious Leader Skull Cameo is both a bold expression of belief and a striking style statement.

$27.95  $22.36   (20% Off With Code: NY20)

Controse's collection is a tribute to the cameo's storied history, reimagined for today's fashion landscape. Each piece is crafted with precision, ensuring that while the themes may be darkly unconventional, the quality is never compromised. We invite you to find the cameo that resonates with your personal story and to carry forward the tradition of the cameo in a way that is uniquely yours. Whether you're attending a grand event or accentuating your everyday style, a Controse cameo is more than an accessory—it's a personal emblem that stands the test of time.