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Different Types of Necklace Styles Every Girl Should Know About

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Every girl likes accessories and combining them with their favorite pieces of clothing. With rings and bracelets, it’s a bit easier to fit them, but necklaces are a different story. There are dozens of types of necklace styles and not every one of them goes with every shirt, blouse or a dress. That is why every girl should be aware of different types of necklaces and how to combine them with their clothing. So, let’s dig in.

Thread necklaces

Thread necklaces are somewhat simple but stylish. They come in a variety of lengths, colors and thread styles. They usually have a pendant at the end, and, mostly thread necklaces are paired with oxidized silver pendants. However, when it comes to combining them with your clothes, they go best with simple and casual pieces. But, probably, the best combo would we wearing thread necklaces to any Indian-like outfit or clothing made of natural fabrics; and you can wear them at any time of the day.

Multi-colored string necklaces

Multi-colored string necklaces are perfect if you want to make a statement on your plain clothes. There are different patterns to these necklaces, but they are colorful, fun and they can add that little something-something to your outfit. They are perfect for beach parties, casual brunches, and any other casual occasion. It’s best to pair them with white or light colored tops.

Opera necklaces

Opera necklaces are classy and chic and if you love a bit of drama, they are perfect for you. They are mostly gold in color and matched with some pearls; some of them even come in different lengths so you can wear them in different styles. For example, those that come in 26 to 36 inches in length could be worn as a high necklace or doubled up for a two-strand choker. Since they are vintage-like, they are perfect for cocktail parties or a night at the opera. However, they can put a spin on your casual outfit, but they look best on gowns and stylish blouses.

Pendant necklaces

Pendant necklaces are types of necklace styles that will never go out of fashion. You can wear them every day on any type of outfit. They also come in various lengths, depending on the chain and there are many different styles of pendants. From simple geometric shapes, heart-shaped ones to stainless steel Gothic pendants, there is certainly something for everyone. Because these are simple yet beautiful, they can go well with your turtleneck, simple blouse or even a simple T-shirt, which make a perfect statement for your work attire, brunch outfit or a fun night out.

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Bib necklaces

The name might sound funny, but it’s self-explanatory - they cover you up just like a bib would. However, no matter the name, these necklaces are the hottest jewelry trend! They come in various shapes and colors, so you can match them to practically anything and they are there to make a statement. But, make sure to keep the clothes simple and in subtle colors, and you can easily wear a bib necklace to your work, party or any other occasion where you wish to stand out.

Stylish choker necklaces

In an array of different types of necklaces, chokers are probably the biggest trend that managed to come back and stay for a while. There are hundreds of styles of chokers today which you can wear to any occasion. They come in various shapes, materials and styles now, and you can even wear them to an official meeting. There are simple black chokers, golden thin ones and even statement chokers with pendants and jewels as decoration. Pick your style and pair them with your silk blouse or a cocktail dress and you are ready for an office party or find something simpler for everyday occasions.

There are plenty of necklaces in this world, and every girl should be aware of the all different styles and types. Find your favorites, match them to your dresses and blouses and you are bound to be stylish and make a statement