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10 Beautifully Badass Tattoos

Posted by Emmanuel Ureña on

With the popularity of tattoos growing stronger as the years go by, the standards for tattoos gets kicked up a few notches every passing season. When it comes to the art of tattoo, the ladies have shown that they’re just as awesome, if not more, than the boys both in terms of creating tattoos and in the quality of tattoos they wear. Controse scoured the internets looking for some of the sickest tattoos made with a hint of sugar with plenty of spice.

1. This pretty watercolor tattoo was done by Aubrey Mennella of The Common Place Tattoo Company in North Conway, New Hampshire. Featuring a bird clasping on to a healing heart with the word “Mama”on it, this beautiful piece is both aesthetically pleasing and thoughtful. (Photo:

2. Sara Liverani of Wonderland Tattoo Studio in Cesena, Italy, created this tribute to Princess Leia from the cult classic film, Star Wars. The portrait of the femme fatale of the Rebel Alliance is accented with a pink and blue lightning bolt across her face and is surrounded by objects like a crystal, squares with detailed decorative patterns, an outline of the princess and script lettering in the background. (Photo:

3. The Latino celebration known as the Day of the Dead is a common inspiration for tattoo art, used in many different forms. This Day of the Dead inspired arm sleeve is the magnificent work of Rudy Lopez of Tinta Cantina Tattoo in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Colorful sugar skulls and flowers make this sleeve beautiful homage to the souls of our dearly departed. (Photo:

4. This awesome sleeve was done by Aussie ink slinger, Karlee Sabrina, part of the all-female staff at Garage Ink Tattoo in Brisbane, Australia. Mixing the delicate flowers with the fierce jungle felines gives this piece a beautiful balance of both delicacy and boldness. (Photo:

5. Kristel Oreto of Revolver Tattoo Collective in St. Petersburg, Florida, is known for her cute, colorful and bubbly creations—these pieces are perfect examples of that. Getting tattooed on your feet is said to be very painful, but these dashing kitties seem worth it. (Photo:

6. Natalia Borgia of Beaver Tattoo in Queens, New York—another all-female tattoo shop—created this abstract beaut. With a simple yet strong color palette, this piece features splashes of red with blacks and even a hint of gray in there. (Photo:

7. This reiteration of Disney’s Little Mermaid, Ariel, was done by lady slinger Christin of Glorious Ink located in Berlin, Germany. Capturing recognizable features of Ariel like her red hair and her best pal Sebastian the fish, Christin gives the beloved mermaid dark, almost gothic yet beautiful facial features, making it seem like an antique photograph. Christin has reimagined other popular Disney princesses in the same style like Belle of Beauty and the Beast, Snow White and some others. (Photo:

8. Created by Swedish, traveling tattooist Cleo Wattenström, this black and grey portrait is reminiscent of a film actress from the 1930s and ‘40s. The designs on her face add to the mystique of her facial expression, and the rose at the bottom adds even more beauty to the piece. (Photo:

9. This piece is the epitome of a badass tattoo for a badass chick! Featuring Wonder Woman Sergio Lindop of Timeless Tattoo in Atlanta, Georgia, created this remarkable watercolor tattoo of the most iconic female comic book character ever. (Photo:

10. This beautiful Egyptian themed sleeve was done by Nadine Marriott Bryant of Black Pearl Studios in Ohinewai, New Zealand. Featuring an Egyptian queen dressed in traditional golden headwear and neckpiece, her royal highness also wears a tattoo of a scarab on her palms, and she is accompanied by an Egyptian Mau, which is what cats were known as in Ancient Egypt. The piece is finished off with a large, colorful scarab up top and images seeming like hieroglyphics—including the Nazar symbol (or evil eye protectant)—all set against a turquoise background. (Photo: